We provide FULL SERVICE POOL MAINTENANCE for residential homes.

When we service your swimming pool, we know we are not just taking care of your investment. We are taking care of your family’s health and well being every time they step into your pool. We take that knowledge very seriously. When you start service with us you will be assigned a specific day (based on your exact location in the valley) for your weekly service. This allows us to provide consistent service on the same day, every single week, no exceptions.

As part of our full service program, we will:

  • Check all chemical levels
  • Balance all chemical levels¹
  • Add specialized clarifier and conditioner every week¹
  • Thoroughly skim pool surface
  • Brush down interior of pool
  • Brush down all tile
  • Vacuum the pool as needed
  • Clean skimmer & empty basket
  • Check & empty pump basket
  • Properly program any Computerized Time Clock system²
  • Service and maintain Computerized Saltwater system²
  • Monitor and adjust any time clock system
  • Maintain and adjust pool auto-fill system
  • Inspect all pool equipment
  • Leave a checklist of services completed

¹ No extra cost for chemicals used as part of normal service
² If applicable and at no extra cost

This service starts as low as
Price will vary depending on size of pool, inclusion of a spa, or excessive vegetation.


Red Rock Pool Service is a full service pool maintenance company. We are PROFESSIONAL in every aspect of our business, from appearance and reliability, to the way we take care of you, the customer, and your pool.

Have you had problems in the past from those who call themselves “pool professionals”? Well, be prepared to put those worries, concerns, and problems behind you. Red Rock Pool Service will change the way you look at pool service and most importantly the way you look at your pool. We keep the water sparkling clear and clean so that your pool remains healthy and hassle-free.

Red Rock Pool Service has the knowledge and experience to provide expert pool maintenance and repairs for residential property owners. In addition to pool water and system maintenance, we also troubleshoot problems before they occur.

Your swimming pool is a major investment for relaxation, fun and fitness. Since its cleanliness and water quality impact the enjoyment and health of every swimmer, why take chances with its maintenance and care? Call us today and watch your pool transform and sparkle like it never has before. And, yes, we’re VERY reliable!


Do you have a leaking pump? Maybe the noise is waking up the neighbors? Are you tired of have to go out to the pool equipment and manually turn things on or adjust values just get things to work the way you like? Would you like the convenience of having an automated system? Would you like to be able to control your system from an app on your phone? Would. You like the option to change set your pool lights to set the mood for any occasion? Red, White, & Blue for the 4th of July party….maybe you would like your pool colored to your child’s many favorite colors? Would you like to have the option of having your spa heated and ready for relaxation after you get home from work? Red Rock Pool Service is fully capable of making any system compatible to your every wish at the touch of your phone or wireless remote? Please contact Red Rock Pool Service for any of these needs!


Has your pool turned green? Do you have algae growing everywhere? Well that’s not safe for you OR YOUR FAMILY! Luckily you have come to the right place. At Red Rock Pool Service, algae clean ups are our specialty! We have time and time again been able to get our valuable customers pools PERFECTLY clear and blue! In most cases we can get your pool crystal clear and clean without a pool drain or acid wash. In most circumstances, we can have your pool clear and safe in under a week’s time. If your “old pool guy” has let algae take hold in your pool, you better call us at Red Rock Pool Service. This is one of our specialties. You will BE AMAZED HOW QUICKLY YOUR POOL LOOKS PERFECT!!!!

As you can see we provide many services at a very reasonable price. There may be others who will charge less, but as the saying goes “You get what you pay for!” “Work Up to QUALITY, Not Down to Price”

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